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    Pankaj Sharma holds a doctoral degree in applied sciences and master's degrees in physics and business administration. He is currently working as an associate director for operations and international affair of the Purdue Discovery Park. His key responsibilities include strategic planning, coordination, communication and integrating synergistic research and other general activities among Discovery Park centers. In addition, his role is also to promote scientific, technological and entrepreneurial culture and mission; developing guidelines, policies and conducting general administrative and management functions; engaging stakeholders in developing strategic plans; and facilitating collaboration between management, engineering, science researchers and faculties, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and other funding agencies including globalization efforts; seed, nurture and execute new large scale interdisciplinary innovative research projects for the societal benefit. Pankaj has courtesy associate professor appointment in industrial technology.

    Pankaj Sharma is an experimental nuclear physicist with expertise in application of radioactivity in dating and tracing in geological and biological systems. Prior to joining Discovery Park, he was an Associate Director of Purdue Rare Isotope Measurement Laboratory. He has extensively worked on the application of accelerator mass spectrometry for geological and biomedical tracing. He has published about ninety research papers in international journals. His current interests are research administration and strategic planning of interdisciplinary research enterprise in: nanotechnology; biosciences; e-enterprises; advanced manufacturing; entrepreneurship; healthcare engineering; cyber; energy, environment; oncological sciences; climate changes; learning; technology commercialization; global competitiveness; science, technology and policy.

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