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    National Semiconductor Corporation

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    Constantin Bulucea joined National Semiconductor in 1990, and is currently asenior member of company’s technical staff. He is engaged in the development of a series of IC manufacturing processes for high-performance VLSI devices such as analog-optimized CMOS FETs and SiGe-base BJTs. In 1998, he designed National’s 0.18-µm CMOS device architecture. Prior to National (1987-1990), he worked for Siliconix, where he led the development of world’s highest-current transistor switch, in trench DMOS technology. During his 41 years in the semiconductor industry, Dr. Bulucea has published over 50 papers, most notable of which are his seminal contributions to the electronics of surface breakdown and hot-carrier-injection in silicon (1970-80), technology of power DMOS transistors (1987-90), and architecture of VLSI devices (1991-). In the above areas, he has 23 US patents, with several others pending. Dr. Bulucea is a member of the editorial board of Solid-State Electronics. He serves on the Technical Committees of the Bipolar Circuits and Technology Meeting and VLSI Technology Symposium. In 2003, he was the chairman of the Advanced Devices and Technologies thrust of the Semiconductor Research Corporation (SRC). He is the founding chairman of IEEE’s Region 8 Annual Conference for Semiconductors and the vice-chairman of the Santa Clara Valley chapter of the Electron Device Society of IEEE.

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