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    "Sapienza" University of Roma

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    Franco Decker is full professor of electrochemistry and head of a research group at the University of Roma, Chemistry Dept, since 1990. His university degree ("Laurea in Fisica") was awarded by the University of Torino, Italy, in 1974, and his Ph.D. was awarded by the University of Campinas (Brasil) in 1979. He has been professor of physics at the Sao Paulo University at Campinas-Unicamp (Brasil, 1975-80 and 1983-90, from MS-2 up to MS-5), visiting scientist at the Fritz-Haber-Inst. of the Max-Planck-Gesellschaft (Berlin, Germany 1980-82) with prof.H.Gerischer and his group. He has been visiting for shorter periods the Ames Laboratory, Iowa State University (USA), the University of Trento and the Polytechnic of Milan (Italy), and has collaborated with research groups in Germany, Spain, Israel, Slovenia on the basis of bi-national scientific agreements. His research has been in photoelectrochemistry, electrochemistry of energy conversion devices (solar energy conversion, energy storage), electrochemistry and of oxide and semiconducting electrodes. His interests are now on the physical and chemical properties of thin film electrodes for ion insertion, where the traditional electrochemical methodology can be combined with advanced studies of surfaces, of the optical and electronic properties of the electrode materials. He is collaborating with several groups in Italy and abroad about different research projects, and is presently the Socrates coordinator (EU program for student and teacher exchanges) for the School of Chemistry at the Univ. of Roma. He has co-authored more than 160 full papers, 4 chapters of books, more than 100 scientific presentations in national and international conferences, and is currently referee of 8 scientific journals. During his career, he has been advisor of 3 MS Theses, 5 PhD Theses, and 15 theses of "Laurea".

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