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Avatar for Omran, Omar Abdelfattah
Omran, Omar Abdelfattah
Ain Shams University
Avatar for Shadi, Hoda M.
Shadi, Hoda M.
Ain Shams University
Avatar for Adel, Yasmin mahmoud
Adel, Yasmin mahmoud
Ain shams University
Avatar for Nagy, Safeddin H.
Nagy, Safeddin H.
Ain Shams University
Avatar for gendy, ahmed essam
gendy, ahmed essam
Ain shams university
Avatar for nasr, abdelhamid mohamed
nasr, abdelhamid mohamed
Ain Shams university
Avatar for Ahmed Medhat
Ahmed Medhat
Ain shams university , Faculty of Engineering
Avatar for Fikry, Wael
Fikry, Wael
Ain Shams University - Cairo Egypt
Avatar for Mohamed, Sarah Hesham
Mohamed, Sarah Hesham
Ain Shams university Cairo/Egypt
Avatar for Ahmed, Shahira Mohamed
Ahmed, Shahira Mohamed
Ain shams university Egypt
Avatar for Osama, Karim
Osama, Karim
Ain Shams University Faculty Of Engineering
Engineering Student
Avatar for Ashry, Ahmed
Ashry, Ahmed
Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Avatar for El-Aasser, Mostafa
El-Aasser, Mostafa
Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt
Avatar for fawzy, mohamed  mahmoud
fawzy, mohamed mahmoud
ain shams university- faculty of engineering
Avatar for Ahmed, Mohamed M.
Ahmed, Mohamed M.
Ain Shams Univesity
Avatar for Heikal, Mohamed Tarek
Heikal, Mohamed Tarek
Ain-shams university
Avatar for Aldaly, Abdurhman Alaa
Aldaly, Abdurhman Alaa
Ain-shams University
Avatar for Hussein, Ahmed
Hussein, Ahmed
Ainshams University
Avatar for Hussien, Ahmed Mohamed
Hussien, Ahmed Mohamed
Ainshams universty
Avatar for Hogsed, Mike
Hogsed, Mike
Air Force Institute of Technology