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Avatar for Datta, Arijit
Datta, Arijit
IIEST, Shibpur
Avatar for Datta, Kanak
Datta, Kanak
Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology
Avatar for Datta, Subhadeep
Datta, Subhadeep
National University of Singapore
Avatar for Datta, Malika Sen
Datta, Malika Sen
Purdue University
Avatar for Datta, Swapan
Datta, Swapan
Bengal Engineering and Science University , Shibpur, India
Avatar for Datta, Anurup
Datta, Anurup
Purdue University
Avatar for Datta, Deepanjan
Datta, Deepanjan
EXPERTISE Advanced Nano-device Modeling, Semiconductor, Spintronics Memory and Logic device Design, Density Functional Theory and Materials...