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Avatar for Nóbrega, Vanessa Oliveira
Nóbrega, Vanessa Oliveira
Universidade de Brasília
Avatar for Node, NanoBio
Node, NanoBio
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Avatar for Node, NEEDS
Purdue University
NEEDS (Nano-Engineered Electronic Devices Simulation) is a five-year NSF program charged to develop a suite of SPICE-compatible, compact models...
Avatar for Noei, Maziar
Noei, Maziar
RWTH Aachen
Avatar for Nof, Shimon Y.
Nof, Shimon Y.
Purdue University
Dr. Shimon Y. Nof is a professor of Industrial Engineering and also the director of the NSF-industry supported PRISM Center (Production, Robotics...
Avatar for Noffke, Benjamin Wayne
Noffke, Benjamin Wayne
Indiana University
Avatar for Noginov, Mikhail A.
Noginov, Mikhail A.
Norfolk State University
MIKHAIL A. NOGINOV graduated from MOSCOW INSTITUTE FOR PHYSICS AND TECHNOLOGY[[BR]](Moscow, Russia) with a Master of Science degree in Electronics...