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Avatar for Yu, Minrui
Yu, Minrui
Applied Materials
Avatar for Swain, Tusar
Swain, Tusar
applied materials
Avatar for Pinto, Mark R.
Pinto, Mark R.
Applied Materials, Inc.
Dr. Mark R. Pinto is a Senior Vice President at Applied Materials, serving both as General Manager of the Energy and Environmental Solutions...
Avatar for Faruk, Omar
Faruk, Omar
Applied Physics,Dhaka University,Dhaka,Bangladesh
Avatar for Attalla, Karim Nabil
Attalla, Karim Nabil
Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Avatar for Elassy, Kareem Salah
Elassy, Kareem Salah
Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Avatar for Bayoumi, Amr
Bayoumi, Amr
Arab Academy for Science and Technology
Avatar for Nasser, Yehyaa
Nasser, Yehyaa
arab academy for science and technology and maritime...
Avatar for AbdelRassoul, Roshdy
AbdelRassoul, Roshdy
Arab Academy for Science and Technology, Egypt
Avatar for AbdelLatif, Gehad
AbdelLatif, Gehad
Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport
Avatar for Mounir, Ahmed
Mounir, Ahmed
Arab Academy fro Science and technology
Avatar for Gamal, Rania
Gamal, Rania
Arab Academy of Science and Technology
Avatar for khazrak, Iman
khazrak, Iman
Arak University
Avatar for Harrison, Terry
Harrison, Terry
Arapahoe Community College
Avatar for reza
Aratech co.
Avatar for Santra, Robin
Santra, Robin
Argonne National Laboratory
Robin Santra Physicist, Atomic, Molecular & Optical Physics Chemistry Division Argonne National Laboratory
Avatar for Reed, Claude
Reed, Claude
Argonne National Laboratory
In his 35 years at Argonne, Dr. Reed has led several major and widely diverse technical areas of R&D, including liquid metal MHD (LMMHD) and...