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Avatar for Redondo, Caterin Salas
Redondo, Caterin Salas
Institut fur Angewandte Photophysik
Avatar for Reed, Galen
Reed, Galen
Northwestern University
Avatar for Reed, Mark A.
Reed, Mark A.
Yale University
Prof. Mark A. Reed received his Ph.D. in Physics from Syracuse University in 1983, after which he joined Texas Instruments.  In 1990 Mark...
Avatar for Reed, Michael James
Reed, Michael James
Purdue University
Avatar for Reed, Kevin William
Reed, Kevin William
Arizona State University
Avatar for Reed, Claude
Reed, Claude
Argonne National Laboratory
In his 35 years at Argonne, Dr. Reed has led several major and widely diverse technical areas of R&D, including liquid metal MHD (LMMHD) and...