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Avatar for Dresselhaus, Mildred S.
Dresselhaus, Mildred S.
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Mildred Dresselhaus is an Institute Professor of Electrical Engineering and Physics at MIT. Professor Dresselhaus has served as President of the...
Avatar for Dresselhaus, Gene
Dresselhaus, Gene
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)
Gene Dresselhaus studied physics at the University of California at Berkeley where he worked with Kittel and Kip on the early cyclotron resonance...
Avatar for Drexler, Chad Isaac
Drexler, Chad Isaac
Also, University of North Florida
Avatar for Dri, Fernando Luis
Dri, Fernando Luis
Purdue University
I am an aerospace engineer and a Ph.D. candidate at Purdue University. I am currently working with prof. Zavattieri in the CMMLAB developing a...
Avatar for Dribinsky, Max
Dribinsky, Max
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign