SISPAD abstracts due April 9

The International Conference on Simulation of Semiconductor Processes and Devices (SISPAD) will accept abstracts of original papers through April 9.

One of the longest-running conferences devoted to technology computer-aided design and advanced modeling of novel semiconductor devices and nano electronic structures, SISPAD solicits papers on electronic transport in semiconductor materials and devices; device modeling and simulation; sensors, biosensors, and electromechanical systems simulation; process and equipment modeling and simulation; compact models; physical-level circuit simulation; new algorithms for process and device modeling; simulation of nano and quantum devices; user interfaces and visualization; simulation of power devices; and photovoltaics and other green technologies.

A nanoHUB overview and tutorial will be presented at SISPAD, which will be held September 5-7 in Denver.

More information is available from the SISPAD 2012 website.