????pvtr, spec??bash??????????????????

    1) ddp.py???????PVTR?SPEC???? PVTR????vtr???SPEC???????????

    2) ??PVTR????????pvtr(windows?????pvtr.bat), pvtr.py?????????
        2.1) ?????x_slice??????????????vtr?????????????????
            pvtr gas x_slice
            y_slice, z_slice????????????????gif????
        2.2) ?????x_slice????????????????vtr????????????????
            pvtr gos x_slice
        2.3? ????????????????????????csv??????????????matlab
            pvtr sas x_slice
            pvtr sos x_slice

    3) SPEC?????qtable??????? ??????? ???qtable??????????????
    ????????????qtable?????????qtable.csv??? ????????qtable??
    ??? ???????
    4) PVTR??SPEC???????????python?bash???????pvtr.py?spec.py??pvtr?spec?

Install Instruction
    1) ddp.py is a class file, contains two classes of PVTR and SPEC, PVTR handle the vtr files, and
    SPEC can use to draw absorption spectra.
    2) you can call the function of PVTR through pvtr:ubuntu(windows:pvtr.bat) and pvtr.py.
        2.1) to get all the slices of intensity in x-axis direction, you can just type following
        command on your terminal of your operation system.
            pvtr gas x_slice
            note: g->get, a->all, s->slice
        this command will create subdirectory with name 'x_slice' and all the image files will be
        saved in that subdirectory. the windows version of this tool will then combine all the images
        files to gif file automatically. all the commands are in following format    
            pvtr [gas|gos|sas|sos] [x_slice|y_slice|z_slice]
        gos: get origin slice
        sas: get all slice and save data in csv format
        sos: get origin slice and save data in csv format
    3) class SPEC provides the function of drawing data in qtable, you can just type following command
    in your terminal to call this function.
    this command has three function, first of all, extract spectra data from qtable and save into
    qtable. csv format, then draw spectra image with these data and save the figure.
    4) PVTR and SPEC have more options and features. if know python and bash, you can try to make full
    use of it.