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This card allows values in the program database to be examined or modified. Values stored in the database are of several kinds: physical coefficients for the models, parameters controlling the level of output from the program, parameters governing the numerical convergence, and even the detailed specification of what equations are to be solved and what methods used to solve them. A simulation user is typically concerned with only the first two kinds of database objects.

The following list itemizes the valid keywords, their units, and their meaning. There is also a table of parameters. See also the database document.

PRINT, PRINTVAL: [logical]

PRINTLIST: [logical] PRINTALL: [logical] PREFIX: [string] CREATE: [logical] CREATELIST: [logical] DELETE: [logical] DELETELIST: [logical] MODIFY: [logical] CHECK: [logical] DUMP: [logical] NAME: [string] IVAL: [integer] RVAL: [real] SVAL: [string]

To print the value of silicon electron longitudinal mobility parameter vsat.c0:
dbase print name=library/physics/silicon/electrons/vsat.c0
To print all the properties of electrons (silicon) in the database:
dbase printlist name=library/physics/silicon/electrons
To modify the maximum number of allowed Newton iterations:
dbase modify name=options/math/systems/default_numerical_parameters/maxNewton ival=20

Table of dbase parameters

Tables 1 and 2 have a selection of commonly used dbase parameters. Note that this document is almost always out of date with respect to the actual database; check that for latest values.

Table 4: Control Parameters

Table 5: Math and Grid Parameters

Less Used DBASE Keywords


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