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In this step a material layer is deposited onto an existing structure. The amount of material deposited is equal to the value specified by the THICKNESS key. The deposition can be an overall deposition or a selective one restricted to the rectangular window specified by the START and END keywords. Selective deposition can also be specified by naming the material onto which the layer will be deposited with the HETERO key. The layer can be doped with the specified ELEMENT either uniformly by specifying the CONCENTRATION, or with a exponentially (or linearly) varying profile by also specifying SURFACE (and LINEAR).

The following list itemizes the valid keywords, their units, and their meaning.

MATERIAL: [string]

THICKNESS: [real or real array (microns)] XDEL: [real or real array (microns)] START: [real or real array (microns)] END: [real or real array (microns)] HETERO: [string] ELEMENT: [string] CONCENTRATION: [real ( tex2html_wrap_inline2851 )] SURFACE: [real ( tex2html_wrap_inline2851 )] LINEAR: [logical] MASK: [string] TYPE: [string] ZIPPER [logical] XMOLE [real] YMOLE [real]



Blanket deposition
deposit material=nitride thick=0.05 xdel=0.005

Local deposition in 2D
deposit material=poly start=0 end=1.0 thick=0.5 xdel=0.05

Local deposition in 3D
deposit material=poly start=0,0 end=1.0,0.5 thick=0,0.5 xdel=0.01,0.1
+ elem=arsenic concen=1e16

Poly gate with oxide spacer:

# Gate Oxide:
deposit mat=oxide thick=0.002 xdel=0.002
# Poly Gate:
deposit mat=poly  start=-0.03 end=0.03  thick=0.0,0.1 xdel=0.002,0.05
# Left Oxide Spacer:
deposit mat=oxide start=-0.05 end=-0.03 thick=0.0,0.1 xdel=0.002,0.05
# Right Oxide Spacer:
deposit mat=oxide start=0.03  end=0.05  thick=0.0,0.1 xdel=0.002,0.05 zipper

Less Used DEPOSIT Keywords


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