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The GRAPH command yields plots of impurity concentrations, and may appear at any point in the input file. If the solution domain is 1D, one-dimensional plots of concentration versus depth are created. If the solution domain is 2D or 3D, either 2D contour plots, or one-dimensional cross sectional plots (horizontal or vertical or along interfaces) at a specified position can be created. The GRAPH command forks an instance of xgraph to do its work. Thus, it only works while running the X window system. The X window which is created responds to mouse commands. By drawing out a box on the graph, that box will be expanded to fill the entire window. The original perspective can be recovered with the unzoom button. The hardcopy button generates hardcopy in a variety of formats. The popup window allows the selection of a printer or an output file, in b/w or color postscript, HPGL or idraw format. Figures saved in idraw format can have legends, arrows and other graphics added with idraw. The help button is broken. The close button shuts down the xgraph window. Any graph commands issued after an xgraph window has been shut down will cause the simulator to abort.

The following list itemizes the valid keywords, their units, and their meaning. The commands are divided approximately into General, 1-D, 2-D and Miscellaneous commands.

General Graph Commands:

QUANTITY: [string]

ABSLOG: [logical] SIGNEDLOG: [logical] AXIS: [logical]

1-D Graph Commands (including 1-D slice of 2-D domain):

PRINT [logical]

OUTFILE: [string] XPOSITION: [real (microns)] YPOSITION: [real (microns)] XMIN: [real (microns)] XMAX: [real (microns)] REGION [string]

2-D Graph Commands:

CONTOUR: [logical]

COLOR: [logical] CMINIMUM: [real] CMAXIMUM: [real] CDEL: [real] CINT [integer] BOUNDARY: [logical] ELECTRODES [logical] SURFACES [logical] MATERIALS: [logical] GRIDLINE: [logical] ITF: [string]

Miscellaneous Graph Commands:

IV [logical]

To make a 2-D color contour plot of netdope:
graph quantity=netdope contour color

Same as above, but with user specified contours:
graph quantity=netdope contour color cmin=15 cmax=22

To make a vertical 1-D cross section of potential in a 2-D simulation:
graph quantity=psi yposition=0.0

To make a horizontal 1-D cross section of electron density in a 2-D simulation, and print results to a file:
graph quantity=electrons xposition=0.01 print outfile=electrons.dat

To examine materials and gridlines of a 2-D structure:
graph gridline

To plot the hole density in silicon at the silicon/oxide interface:
graph quantity=holes itf=silicon/oxide

Less Used GRAPH Keywords

ELEMENT: [string]

CMAT [string]

NEW.WINDOW: [logical]

GRIDPOINT [logical]

ROUNDTO [real] XCLIP [logical] LINE [string] LOG [integer] XGRAPH [logical] XMGR [logical] FILL: [logical] XYFORMAT [string] YMIN: [real (microns)] YMAX: [real (microns)]
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