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Prophet Systems

In this chapter, some standard model systems are described which are available in the Prophet distribution. Each ``system'' is a set of equations forming a particular type of description of the semiconductor device.

To use the system entitled ``silicon_poisson'', for example, enter the following line near the beginning of the Prophet input file:


The basic systems currently supported are listed below; more detailed explanations follow in subsequent sections. The first three systems cover most mainstream applications:

All of the above semiconductor systems requre a netdope field to be defined in order to specify the doping profile. While the format of the doping specification can very greatly, an example is shown below (and not repeated for the individual systems):

netdope - set doping profile for structure

# doping example: 1-D diode (see ``field'' command defintion for more info)
field set=boron value=1.0e18*gbox(X,-0.3,0.0,0.1) material=silicon
field set=arsenic value=1.0e18*gbox(X,0.5,0.2,0.1) material=silicon
field set=netdope value=arsenic-boron

Detailed descriptions of the current built-in systems follow this section. All of the descriptions use the following definitions:


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