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Prophet Input File

Prophet is quite flexible, and for specialized applications the input files may be quite varied. However, for typical mainstream device simulation applications, the input file usually consists of the following main sections:

The Prophet input file on the next two pages illustrates these main components listed above.

Example Prophet input file: MOSFET with polygate (continued on next page):

# Include statements define systems of equations to solve
# Define substrate grid, deposited layers
grid dim=2
+ xloc=0.00000,0.0010,0.010,0.10,0.4;
+ xdel=0.00005,0.0005,0.001,0.01,0.05;
+ yloc=-0.1,-0.065,-0.06,-0.030,-0.020,0.0,0.020,0.030,0.06,0.065,0.1
+ ydel=0.01,0.005,0.0025,0.0025,0.005,0.005,0.005,0.0025,0.0025,0.005,0.01
deposit mat=oxide thick=0.002 xdel=0.0005
deposit mat=poly start=-0.045 end=0.045 thick=0.0,0.001,0.01,0.1
+ xdel=.0001,.0005,0.001,0.02
deposit mat=oxide start=-0.060 end=-0.045 thick=0.0,0.001,0.01,0.1
+ xdel=.0001,.0005,0.001,0.02
deposit mat=oxide start=0.045 end=0.060 thick=0.0,0.001,0.01,0.1
+ xdel=.0001,.0005,0.001,0.02 zipper
# Define doping profile
field set=nstip val=1e20*gbox(X,0,0.01,0.003)*gbox(Y,-0.1,-0.042,0.003) mat=silicon
field set=ndtip val=1e20*gbox(X,0.0,0.01,0.003)*gbox(Y,0.042,0.1,0.003) mat=silicon
field set=ns val=1e20*gbox(X,0.0,0.018,0.008)*gbox(Y,-0.1,-0.08,0.008) mat=silicon
field set=nd val=1e20*gbox(X,0.0,0.018,0.008)*gbox(Y,0.08,0.1,0.008) mat=silicon
field set=npoly val=1e20 material=poly
field set=nsubstrate val=-1e18 material=silicon
field set=netdope val=npoly+nsubstrate+ns+nd+nstip+ndtip
# Define electrodes
boundary xmin=0.01 xmax=0.03 ymin=-0.1 ymax=-0.1 name=source
boundary xmin=0.01 xmax=0.03 ymin=0.1 ymax=0.1 name=drain
boundary xmin=-0.102 xmax=-0.102 ymin=-0.045 ymax=0.045 name=gate
boundary xmin=0.4 xmax=0.4 ymin=-0.1 ymax=0.1 name=back

Example Prophet input file: MOSFET with polygate (continued):

# Initial solution at zero bias
bias initial system=silicon_poisson
bias system=silicon_dd_lombardi elec=gate voltage=0.0
# I-V curves
bias system=silicon_dd_lombardi elec=gate vstep=0.1 nstep=6
bias system=silicon_dd_lombardi elec=drain vstep=0.1 nstep=12
bias system=silicon_dd_lombardi elec=gate vstep=0.1 nstep=6
bias system=silicon_dd_lombardi elec=drain vstep=-0.1 nstep=12
# Save I-V data to file in column format
graph iv outfile=mos.iv

Prophet Development
Mon Jul 1 14:45:00 PDT 2002