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Doping Dependent Mobility Model (Arora)

An empirical low field mobility model based on measurement data for silicon at various temperatures. The model has the following general form:


where N is the net doping concentration. All the parameters are functions of tex2html_wrap_inline2769 in the form of tex2html_wrap_inline2771 ( tex2html_wrap_inline2769 in K), for example:


with the last expression on the right using the Prophet database parameter names.

Conventional usage expresses mobility in units of tex2html_wrap_inline2775 ; however, Prophet uses units of tex2html_wrap_inline2777 , so the numerical values of the mobility parameters appear to be tex2html_wrap_inline2779 larger than usual.

The following table gives the parameter names and default values (note that the ``.p'' parameters are the temperature exponents):

Table 1: Doping Dependent Mobility Parameters and Default Values

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