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Longitudinal Field Mobility Reduction Model (Vsat)

For high fields which are parallel to the current flow, the effects of velocity saturation must be taken into account. A general approach is to multiply the low-field mobility (e.g., Arora and/or Lombardi model) by a reduction factor which takes into the consideration the high longitudinal (parallel) fields:


for which tex2html_wrap_inline2795 is the low field mobility, and tex2html_wrap_inline2797 is the high field longitudinal reduction factor. The form of tex2html_wrap_inline2797 used for silicon is:


The temperature dependence of tex2html_wrap_inline2801 is given by:


Table 2 summarizes the Prophet parameter names and default values for the longitudinal mobility reduction model.

Table 2: Longitudinal Field Mobility Reduction Model Parameters and Default Values

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