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Visualize Brillouin zones of different crystals and different unit cells

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The Brillouin Zone Viewer provides the ability to view the first Brillouin zone for various crystals.

By default the primitive unit cell is taken, but the user has the possibility to change the unit cell by specifying alternate Bravais vectors.

The specification is done in terms of Miller indices. For certain crystals two choices are available: either the indices in terms of the primitive vectors, or the indices in terms of the cartesian vectors.

The following crystals are currently available:

  • FCC
  • BCC
  • Simple Cubic
  • Hexagonal
  • Graphene
  • Rhombohedral

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NEMO5, a code under development in the research group of Gerhard Klimeck. NEMO5 is an open source nanoelectronics device simulator containing a variety of different material and geometry models. Features include the construction of atomistic grids of varying crystal structures, multiband Schroedinger-Poisson simulations, atomistic strain and phonon computations, quantum transport using open-boundary wavefunctions or NEGF, and user-friendly input/output.


A. Goud... Current maintenance (supervised by S. Steiger).
S. Steiger, M. Povolotskyi, T. Kubis, H.-H. Park... NEMO5 simulation engine
G. Klimeck... Oversight

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