LCOE Calculator

By Greg T. Forcherio

Purdue University

Calculate the Levelized Cost of Energy for a facility or system over its lifetime.

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This Levelized Cost of Energy calculator calculates the minimum base cost of energy supplied by a facility or system which must be charged to its suppliants (i.e. break even before profit). This takes into account...
  • capital cost of the facility/system ($/kW)
  • maintenance costs($/kWh)
  • yearly capacity factor (%)
  • fuel costs ($/MMBtu)
  • supply rate (Btu/kWh)
  • discount rate which you plan to sell the energy (%)
  • operational period of the facility or system (years)

The program takes the user input specifications and outputs a number plot for the Levelized Cost of Energy, and Capital Recovery Factor. Then, a single parameter can be changed incrementally (i.e. parameter sweep) and the number plot will graph all simulation results and display them together for LCOE or CRF as a function of that particular variable. This will graphically represent to what extent that swept variable dictates the price of energy. This can be used to not only show what areas can be used to make energy cheaper, but also to show where R&D can be used to optimize cost in the most effective way.

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