Illinois: NanoBiophotonics Summer School: First Impressions (3min video)

By Nadia Jassim

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

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Nadia Jassim: Media Director (NanoHub/NCN@Illinois)


Directed by/Edit: Nadia Jassim

Assistant Crew: Abby Sobh Obaid Sarvana

Sponsored by

The National Science Foundation NanoHub IEEE Beckman Institute (UIUC) Strategic Initiative on Imaging Materials Computation Center


SCHOOL ORGANIZERS: 2011 Gabriel Popescu, Stephen Boppart, Marina Marjanovic, Rohit Bhargava, Logan Liu, Kimani Toussaint, Scott Caney, Peter Wang, Samir Sayegh , Nahil Sobh

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