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Book of Abstracts: 5th Conference "Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technologies" (Odessa, Ukraine, 2012)

By Yuri A Kruglyak

Odessa State Environmental University



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BOOK OF ABSTRACTS 5th International Scientific and Technical Conference “Sensor Electronics and Microsystem Technologies (SEMST-5)” (with the Exhibition of sensor developments and industrial samples)

Ukraine, Odessa, June 4 – 8, 2012

The aim of the conference and the exhibition is to review achievements in the field and to discuss modern problems in various branches of Sensorics.

Chairmen Prof. V.A. Smyntyna (Odessa, Ukraine) Vice-chairmen Acad. RAS Yu.V. Gulyaev (Moscow, Russia) Vice-chairmen Prof. A.D’Amico (Romе, Italy) Vice-chairmen corresponding member of NASU V.G. Litovchenko (Kiev, Ukraine) Vice-chairmen Acad. NASU V.F. Machulin (Kiev, Ukraine) Scientific secretary Prof. Ya.I. Lepikh (Odessa, Ukraine)

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