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NEMO5 Tutorial 6B: Device Simulation - Quantum Transport in GaSb/InAs Tunneling FET View HTML
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NEMO5 Overview Presentation View HTML
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This presentation gives an overview of the current functionality of NEMO5.

NEMO5 Tutorial 3: Models View HTML
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This tutorial presents the models implemented in NEMO5. A description on how the solvers interact with each other is reported along with the options of the various solvers. An example on how to...

NEMO5 Tutorial 5A: Devi ce Simulation - Quantum Dots View HTML
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This presentation introduces the capabilities of NEMO5 to simulate quantum dots.

NEMO5 Tutorial 4D: NEMO5 Python Solvers View HTML
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This tutorial presents a brief introduction to PythonSolvers, a way to expand NEMO5 functionality using Python. Basic principles and a walk through are presented.

NEMO5 Tutorial 2: Input and Output View HTML
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NEMO5 Tutorial 1: NEMO5 Technical Overview View HTML
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This tutorial goes over the following topics: Licensing Getting NEMO5 Getting Help Documentation Compiling Workspace Parallel Computing Run a job on workspace

NEMO5 Tutorial 6A: Device Simulation - Transport (Double Gate) View HTML
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NEMO5 Tutorial 7: Using NEMO5 to Quantitatively Predict Topological Insulator Behaviour View HTML
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NEMO5 Tutorial 4B: Device Modeling - Metals View HTML
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Describes some of the modifications made to NEMO5 to include Nth nearest neighbor interactions so that metal electronic structure and transport can be studied. Also includes instructions on how to...

NEMO5 Tutorial 5B: Strain View HTML
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Learn how the NEMO5 strain solver works.

NEMO5 Tutorial 5C: Quantum Dots with Strain and Electronic Wave Functions View HTML
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NEMO5 Tutorial 4C: Graphene Nanostructures View HTML
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