Jamming of Soft Frictionless Spheres

By Siew La Pang1, Ishan Srivastava1, Timothy S Fisher1

1. Purdue University

Predicts the jammed microstructure of an ensemble of spheres of user-defined number and size distribution

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Published on 04 Oct 2012 All versions

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This tool simulates the athermal densification of soft, frictionless spheres from an initial sparsely connected phase to a mechanically stable, jammed phase. Jammed phase, for a system of particles, is defined as a granular matter phase which lies at the transition between a liquid-like state and a solid-like state. Such jammed phases are an important class of heterogeneous materials with diverse functional applications. This tool allows user-defined size distribution of spheres, initial packing fraction and the soft-sphere contact mechanics law. Mathematical optimization methods are then employed to achieve a mechanically stable and energetically favorable jammed configuration as the system of spheres is compressed in an affine manner. Users can download various statistical and geometrical information about the jammed system such as, spatial distribution of the spheres (including VTK graphics), average contact area, coordination number, internal pressure, radial distribution functions etc.


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