[Illinois] Beckman Graduate Seminar: What can listeners learn about different speakers' voices?

By Alison M. Trude

Graduate Student, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

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Taken from the Cognitive Science Group webpage (http://beckman.illinois.edu/research/themes/biointel/cognitive-science):

The research in learning extends from studies of the very young to fully mature adults. How do we learn about the world and how to act in it? Research in advanced knowledge acquisition is directed toward instructional strategies that allow people to master complex concepts, such as mathematical or scientific concepts, and transfer their knowledge from formal schooling to real-world cases.

Research on language investigates how we talk, how we understand the speech of others, and how we acquire these abilities. For example, how do babies learn the meanings of words? What causes slips of the tongue? Why do we have an accent if we have learned a language later in life? Related to this research is active work in the development of computational models for language. These models help us understand the nature of language and language processing, as well as serving as computational systems that can do things for us, such as recognize spoken words, or translate from one language to another.


Alison M. Trude is currently a graduate student at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign working with the Cognitive Science Group.

She is interested in how listeners are able to learn and mentally represent inter-talker differences while listening to speech, and whether knowledge of these differences can facilitate speech processing. She has recently become especially interested in the roles that declarative and non-declarative memory systems play in this process.

(Source: http://www.psychology.illinois.edu/people/trude1)

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