ECE 695A Lecture 14R: Review Questions

By Muhammad Alam

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Review Questions

  1. Why is Isub called a thermometer of hot electron distribution? Why can you not simply measure hot electrons by looking at the drain current?
  2. What are the three methods of HCI voltage acceleration?
  3. If theory of universal scaling is so good, why not use it all the time? (Hint: Think about measurement time)
  4. How many devices and how long do you need for HCI testing based on hydrodynamic theory? What about Universal scaling theory? What about direct lifetime projection?
  5. If Monte Carlo simulation is so good, why does not everyone use Monte Carlo simulator to do lifetime testing?
  6. We assumed t0~1/IG ~ 1/kF, what theory of SiH bond dissociation did we use?
  7. Explain the origin of power-exponent of 2 in the Keldysh theory.
  8. What is the impact ionization threshold for GaAs?

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