ECE 695A Lecture 32R: Review Questions

By Muhammad Alam

Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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Review Questions:

  • Why do people use Normal, log-normal, Weibull distributions when they do not know the exact physical distribution?
  • What is the problem of using empirical distributions? What are the advantages?
  • If you must choose an empirical distribution, what should be your criteria? (Nos. of parameters, physical principles, etc.)
  • Why does everyone suggest the use of CDF for empirical data-fitting, rather than PDF? (Obviously one can go from one function to the other)
  • There are all sorts of distribution functions (e.g. survivability function) ? If everything is related to everything else, why do we need so many?
  • How would you determine the BFRW failure rates? Mean Hazard rate?

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