[Illinois]: Two leaky integrators in series

By Lisa Sproat1, John Feser1, Jessica S Johnson1, NanoBio Node1

1. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Implements a model having two units (leaky integrators) in series, each with recurrent, excitatory self-connections allowing the units to exert positive feedback on themselves

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Version 1.4aw - published on 18 Mar 2015

doi:10.4231/D3P55DH71 cite this

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This tool simulates the network responses of two neurons connected in series, in which both neurons exert positive feedback on themselves. The neural network is configured so that unit 2(''y'',,2,,) receives input from unit 1(''y'',,1,,) and unit 1(''y'',,1,,) receives an input from outside the network. A schematic of the system can be viewed in the tool. (Image(/app/site/resources/2013/05/18181/2560/image.png) failed - File not found) FIGURE 2.2 Shows two leaky integrators in series. Both units y1 and y2 send excitatory, recurrent (positive feedback) connections to themselves with weights w11 and w22, respectively. Unit y1 receives input x from outside the network, with weight v1, while unit y2 receives input from unit y1 with weight w21. Note that unit y2 does not also receive input x.

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  • Lisa Sproat, John Feser, Jessica S Johnson, NanoBio Node (2015), "[Illinois]: Two leaky integrators in series," http://nanohub.org/resources/twoleakseries. (DOI: 10.21981/D3P55DH71).

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