Fabrication and Testing of Nanoscale Devices

By Gurpreet Singh

Kansas State University

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How to make individual nanotube based devices in a scanning electron microscope?


Physics Department, Kansas State University.

Advisors and Mentors.

Collaborators: ICTAS, Virginia Tech., NIST and Oak Ridge National Lab. Prof. Harry Dorn, Nichole Rylander, Tom Campbell, Rafael Davalos, S Priya Cindi Schwartz, Mary Morphew, Mark Ladinsky (Nano-knife project). Tasshi Dennis (Bio-Optics). John Lehman, Katie Hurst, Darryl (Excimer Laser Cleaning). Andrew Slifka and Damien (Optical Trapping). Corrie Spoon, Prof. Wally Grant (Engineering Science and Mechanics, VT).

M.E. Faculty members and students.


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