[Illinois] weSTEM 2013: Combining Interests and Expertise to Shape Your Career

By Roshni Kasad

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A common misconception among graduate students is that people believe they must stick to the same technical research area in which they earned a Ph.D. in order to find a job. While it might be more difficult to switch research areas or to switch fields entirely, it is possible to make this career change with the right motivation and determination. After finishing her Ph.D., Roshni Kasad followed her passion for outreach and community service to Techbridge, an Oakland-based organization that promotes girls' interest and skills in STEM. Roshni will share her personal story of managing the transition from graduate school in Molecular and Cellular Biology to working professionally in the outreach area. She will discuss some challenges she faced along the way to getting her Ph.D. and finding a career that was the right fit for her. Her enthusiasm for STEM and Outreach is contagious and will inspire you to pursue whatever it is you feel passionate about.


Dr. Roshni Kasad's path in STEM started off at the University of Delaware where she earned her B.A. in Biology. After spending a year as a research intern at the National Institutes of Health, she traveled to rural India as an Indicorps Fellow to lead a hands-on science pilot project for middle school students. She went on to complete her doctorate in Molecular and Cell Biology at the University of California, Berkeley and then joined Techbridge, an Oakland-based science education non-profit. As a Program Manager at Techbridge, Dr. Kasad works on projects that range from engaging more STEM professionals to serve as role models to training and coaching after-school and summer providers on how to lead hands-on STEM with youth. In her free time, she loves to volunteer in her community and do anything related to the outdoors.


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[Illinois] weSTEM 2013: Combining Interests and Expertise to Shape Your Career
by: Roshni Kasad
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