nanoMOS 2.0: A Two -Dimensional Simulator for Quantum Transport in Double-Gate MOSFETs

By Zhibin Ren, Ramesh Venugopal1, Sebastien Goasguen1, Supriyo Datta1, Mark Lundstrom1

1. Purdue University



Published on


A program to numerically simulate quantum transport in double gate MOSFETs is described. The program uses a Green’s function approach and a simple treatment of scattering based on the idea of so-called Büttiker probes. The double gate device geometry permits an efficient mode space approach that dramatically lowers the computational burden and permits use as a design tool. Also implemented for comparison are a ballistic solution of the Boltzmann Transport Equation and the drift-diffusion approaches. The program is described and some examples of the use of nanoMOS for 10nm double gate MOSFETs are presented.

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  • Zhibin Ren, Ramesh Venugopal, Sebastien Goasguen, Supriyo Datta, Mark Lundstrom (2006), "nanoMOS 2.0: A Two -Dimensional Simulator for Quantum Transport in Double-Gate MOSFETs,"

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