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By Xin Tze (Joyce) Tee, Haejun Chung1, Peter Bermel1

1. Purdue University

Finite-difference Time-Domain Simulations for photovoltaic cells

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Archive Version 1.0
Published on 29 Aug 2013
Latest version: 1.2. All versions

doi:10.4231/D39W08Z74 cite this

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MEEPPV is a graphical user interface (GUI) based MEEP simulation tool, particularly for photovoltaic (PV) cells. It was developed for new and less users who are starting to use MEEP, as this tool requires a background understanding of Scheme language. MEEPPV now collects input from the Rappture interface, and uses it to create a Scheme control file to run MEEP on the back end as before. It outputs images of the PV cell structure being simulated; graphs of the transmission, reflection, and absorption; as well as an animation of the fields propagating through the PV cell.

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