NEMO5 Regression Tests

By James Fonseca

Purdue University



Published on


Revision 21229 added on Sept 2, 2015. Release report is now available

Tests for current source revision 19861. Click the main download button. Uploaded June 3rd, 2015.

In each directory, there are:
1. an input file
2a. a .res File which should give an estimate of the cores an walltime to use
2b. any file with a "_ref" in the name is a reference file. The simulation will produce outputs that should be close (i.e. within 1%) to the reference files. The file produced by the simulation will have the same as the reference, minus the "_ref". For example, the reference for the lanczos test is "schroedi_energies_ref.dat". The simulation, when run, should produce "schroedi_energies.dat".




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