Modeling and Simulation of Sub-Micron Thermal Transport

By Jayathi Murthy

Purdue University

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In recent years, there has been increasing interest in understanding thermal phenomena at the sub-micron scale. Applications include the thermal performance of microelectronic devices, thermo-electric energy conversion, ultra-fast laser machining and many others. It is now accepted that Fourier's law for heat conduction is invalid at small length and time scales. The talk addresses the modeling of phonon transport based on the Boltzman transport equation (BTE). The basic physics of phonon transport are first discussed, and a simple gray phonon transport model based on the BTE is presented. A finite volume numerical technique is then developed to solve it. Extensions to admit phonon dispersion and polarization are briefly discussed.

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Prof. Jayathi Murthy received her Ph.D from the University of Minnesota and has worked variously in industry and academia. Most recently, she worked at Fluent Inc. and at Carnegie Mellon University before moving to Purdue in 2001. Her research interests include the development of unstructured finite volume methods for computational fluid dynamics and their application to a variety of physical and industrial problems, most recently in micro-scale heat transfer and thermal radiation.

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