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Quantitative Model for TMR and Spin-transfer Torque in MTJ devices

By Deepanjan Datta1, Behtash Behin-Aein2, Sayeef Salahuddin1, Supriyo Datta1

1. Purdue University 2. Global Foundries



Published on


We present a Non-Equilibrium Green's Function (NEGF)-based model for spin torque transfer (STT) devices which provides qualitative as well as quantitative agreement with experimentally measured (1) differential resistances, (2) Magnetoresistance (MR), (3) In-plane torque (τ||) and (4) out-of-plane torque (τ⊥) over a range of bias voltages, using a single set of three adjustable parameters. We believe our model is able to cover this diverse range of experiments.


Proceedings of Intl. Electron Devices Meeting, December 2010, pp. 548-551 doi:10.1109/EDM.2010.5703417

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  • Deepanjan Datta; Behtash Behin-Aein; Sayeef Salahuddin; Supriyo Datta (2013), "Quantitative Model for TMR and Spin-transfer Torque in MTJ devices,"

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