Plasmonic Nanophotonics: Coupling Light to Nanostructure via Plasmons

By Vladimir M. Shalaev

Purdue University

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The photon is the ultimate unit of information because it packages data in a signal of zero mass and has unmatched speed. The power of light is driving the photonicrevolution, and information technologies, which were formerly entirely electronic, are increasingly enlisting light to communicate and provide intelligent control. Plasmonic nanostructures can act as nanoantennae and thus serve as optical couplers across the nano–micro interface. Plasmonic nanophotonics promises to create entirely new prospects for guiding light on the nanoscale, some of which may have revolutionary impact on present-day optical technologies.

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Vladimir M. Shalaev, the Robert and Anne Burnett Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering at Purdue University, specializes in nanophotonicsand plasmonicnanomaterials. He is a Fellow of the American Physical Society and a Fellow of the Optical Society of America. He earned a doctoral degree in physics and mathematics in 1983 and a master's degree in physics, with highest distinction, in 1979, both from the Krasnoyarsk State University in Russia. Shalaev, who came to Purdue in 2001, was the George W. Gardiner Professor of Physics at New Mexico State University. He previously taughtand conducted researchat the Krasnoyarsk State University and University of Toronto. Shalaevalso was a Humboldt Foundation Fellow at the University of Heidelberg in Germany. He authored and edited 4 books, published 14 invited book chapters, and over 200 research papers. Dr. Shalaevis a co-editor of the Elsevier Book series "Advances in Nano-Optics & Nano-Photonics,"co-editor of Applied Physics B -Lasers and Optics, editor of J. of Optical Society of America, and a chair of a topical group “Photonic Metamaterials" of the OSA.

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