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nanoHUB is an online compilation of tools for simulations. Equipped with 3-D simulations and a capability to solve very complex calculations, nanoHUB provides its users worldwide with various tools to help them finish their assignments. One of the tools available is called a Crystal Viewer Tool, an advanced crystal visualization tool. This tool allows users to generate various crystal types including their every single detail. Currently, a newer version, called Crystal Viewer 2.0, is being tested prior to its release. However, this tool is lacking some important features and a GUI that is not as user friendly as expected. The new tool will be able to do everything the old one does with more added functionality. All features are gathered from many sources both printed and online. The new tool will also need to be a lot faster and more stable and this can be tested by running various simulations and fix any possible bugs. Creating and updating this tool is made possible by Rappture (Rapid Application Infrastructure). Rappture helps create simple GUIs and skeleton programs which allows programmers to simply insert the required code to run the program. So far, even with all fixes that are currently implemented using Rappture and other means, Crystal Viewer 2.0 is still not ready to be launched. A lot of works still needs to be done.

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