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recursive algorithm for NEGF in Matlab

By Dmitri Nikonov1, Siyu Koswatta2

1. Intel Corporation 2. IBM

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This zip-archive contains two Matlab functions for the recursive solution of the partial matrix inversion and partial 3-matrix multiplication used in the non-equilibrium Green’s function (NEGF) method.

- works for 3-diagonal matrices
- works for 3-block-diagonal matrices

The explanations of the arguments and the calling sequence are in file headers. To display, use the Matlab commands
>> help recuresealg3d
>> help recuresealgblock3d

Co-authored by Siyu Koswatta (Purdue University) and Dmitri Nikonov (Intel).

See attached license which governs distribution, copying and modification.

For the explanations of the algorithm see the article "Modeling of Nanoscale Devices" by
M. P. Anantram, M. S. Lundstrom, and D. E. Nikonov available e.g. from

Please cite this publication when using the code to obtain any results you intend to publish.

Please report bugs to Dmitri Nikonov

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  • Dmitri Nikonov; Siyu Koswatta (2006), "recursive algorithm for NEGF in Matlab,"

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