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Run the community code ABINIT for electronic structure calculations under density functional theory through a convenient graphical user interface

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Version 2.8.1 - published on 30 Sep 2015

doi:10.4231/D3CC0TV2F cite this

This tool is closed source.

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Recent Wishes (10)
776 new user guide link needs to be updated
Proposed by Tanya Faltens @ 0
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771 latest version please
Proposed by Rodrigo Castillo @ 0
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541 Wish to download the important data from my storage
Proposed by Andrew Vasylenko @ 0
points 0 Dislike
488 Please, vote to make ABINIT free-to-use (enable LDA+U)
Proposed by Maxim Arsent'ev @ 0
points 0 Dislike
392 download ABINIT file in ABINIT format .in
Proposed by Fabien Fontaine @ 0
points 0 Dislike
381 allow to upload own pseudopotential file
Proposed by Maxim Arsent'ev @ 0
points 0 Dislike
380 Make abinit input file available in output
Proposed by Benjamin P Haley @ 0
points 0 Dislike
353 Wish to see more examples of ABINIT for spin nsppol=2
Proposed by sergey yu shishkov @ 0
points 0 Dislike
258 Allow Ions
Proposed by M M M @ 0
points 0 Dislike
352 wish to download files from my storage
Proposed by sergey yu shishkov @ 0
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