Resume Writing Strategy

By Tim Luzader

Center for Career Opportunities, Purdue University, West Lafayette, IN

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    Yuxiao QIN

    3.0 out of 5 stars

    The instructor talked about five things for a resume. 

    1. Write an explicit objective statement. If not, simply don't write it. Do not write something like "trying to find a challenging position". Be specific. 
    2. You need to highlight your professional skills that is company-oriented. Do not write something like "intern in McDonald" when you're trying apply for an IT company. All your professional skills should reflect what you can do for the company you're trying to go.
    3. Do not assume anything on your CV. Provide full info. Do not use abbreviations. When writing your GPA put down the scale, like 3.0/4.0. Do not give any chance of misunderstanding or lack of info. 
    4. Make your CV readable. Both in the sense of fonts, and your format. Leave enough space between lines and make your CV neat and tidy. Don't try to squeeze. 
    5. Determine if your CV will be chronological or functional listed. The point is to highlight what you want to present at the top of the CV. 

    It is also good to know that Purdue has a CCO and a purdue career wiki to help students finding jobs in a variety of ways. 

    The instructor also gave an example of CV and showed us how to improve it in small details. For example:

    • Highlight your names at top;
    • Don't leave too many addresses on your CV. A phone number and email address should be enough;
    • Be consistent with dates and formats throughout the CV;
    • Try to leave unrelated things out of the 1-page CV;
    • ... ...

    This is a nice lecture. It would be better if there's a copy of the materials presented in this lecture available here. It will help viewers learn with the video. 

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