NEEDS Compact Model Development Process - v0.1

By Michael McLennan

Purdue University

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The Nano-Engineered Electronic Device Simulation (NEEDS) effort is focused on creating compact models for nanoelectronics. The process involves a new Berkeley Model Development Environment (MDE) tool ( and other infrastructure on This seminar describes the whole process at a very high level. New groups start by creating a "tool" project area on containing a Subversion repository for storing the compact model code. The code can be checked out and worked on within the MDE tool. Any problems encountered can be sent to the MDE team by filing support tickets, or by posting questions and wishes on the tool page. When the compact model is finished, it can be published as a new resource on

The process described here is a somewhat rough, early version. That's why the title includes the phrase "version 0.1." A smoother process is being actively developed, but for groups engaging in modeling efforts this year, this overview describes how to get going for now.

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This work was supported by the National Science Foundation through the NCN-NEEDS program, contract 1227020-EEC.

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