PhotonicsPOS: Particle on Substrate

By Rohith Chandrasekar1, Urcan Guler1, Ludmila Prokopeva2, Alexander V. Kildishev1

1. Purdue University 2. Novosibirsk State University

Scattering solutions for a core-shell spherical particle on a planar lamellar substrate

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Version 1.5 - published on 22 May 2015

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PhotonicsPOS: Core-shell Particles on Layered Planar Substrates provides the scattering solutions for a plane wave at an arbitrary angle incident on a core-shell particle on a planar lamellar substrate. The tool uses a modified version of the standard Mie solution in order to account for the reflection of scattered spherical waves from the planar substrate. Full control is give to the user, allowing them to select the material parameters of each layer, obtained from PhotonicsDB, as well as providing a two-parameter sweep functionality. The tool first solves for the optical cross sections and maximum modes for the given geometry, and then provides the field maps in Cartesian and cylindrical coordinates. The user has the opportunity to select a range of scattering modes for both the optical cross section and field maps. The tool also saves optical cross sections for solved geometries in a cache.

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PhotonicsPOS is fully developed in MATLAB, for both solver and Graphical User Interface (GUI).


R. Chandrasekar ... Developed the tool, integrated the Mie Theory solver, and tested the tool

U. Guler ... Developed a modified Mie Theory and Solver, and tested the tool

Ludmila Prokopeva ... Developed initial interface and widgets for material database, implemented cacheing and tested the tool

Alexander V. Kildishev ... Led the development effort and tested the tool


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