nanoHUB Grid Appliance

By Renato Figueiredo

University of Florida



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The Grid appliance allows nanoHUB users to run a development "virtual workspace" in their own desktop. The workspace has a Linux-based virtual machine with Rappture, WebDAV and Condor pre-installed and pre-configured, encapsulating conveniently all the software needed to run these applications, right out of the box. With the Grid appliance, nanoHUB users can:

  • contribute idle computing cycles from their desktop to the nanoHUB
  • tap into the computing cycles of nanoHUB Grid resources by using Condor
  • easily develop Rappture-based tools

To run the appliance, you need 1) an Intel-based Linux or Windows computer, 2) download and install free virtual machine software (VMware’s VMPlayer or Server), and 3) download and unzip the appliance (280MB) from

Please refer to the attached Breeze presentation with introductory information on the appliance and a tutorial video for more information and instructions.

Grid Appliance website


Grid Appliance team at the University of Florida:
David Wolinsky, Arijit Ganguly, Renato Figueiredo, P. Oscar Boykin

Sponsored by

National Science Fouundation, through awards SCI-0438246, SCI-0537455 and ANI-0300118

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