Spin Valve Spin-Circuit Model

By Kerem Yunus Camsari1, Samiran Ganguly1

1. Purdue University

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Spin Valves were the first spintronic devices to have been made. They are composed of two magnets spearated by a non-magnetic metallic spacer. The resistance of this device depends on the relative angle betwwent he magnetization direction of the two magnets. These devices have been used extensively in hard disk drives (HDD) as "readers". Their usage has been largely superceded by Magnetic Tunnel Junctions, but they are still of importance due to historical and pedagogical reasons, as they demonstrate the essential principle of spin-transport in relatively simple structures.

We present "Spin-Circuit" model of the Spin Valve. The bundle contains the model in both MATLAB and SPICE. The model is built using the Modular Spintronics Library, which is a library of elemental spintronic modules that can be used to build similar spin-circuit models for a wide variety of devices and structures.

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