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MSL Simulator

By Kyeongjae Cho

Stanford University

Easy-to-use interface for designing and analyzing electronic properties of different nano materials

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Archive Version 1.1
Published on 04 Jan 2008, unpublished on 04 Jan 2008
Latest version: 1.3.2w. All versions

doi:10.4231/D3K06X08Q cite this

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MSL Nanomaterials Simulator provides an easy-to-use interface for designing and analyzing electronic properties of different nano materials, including carbon nanotubes, nanowires, nano particles, fullerenes and in the future any other user-defined nano systems. You can generate atomic structure of nano materials and compute the corresponding electronic structure with just a few mouse clicks to study structure-property relation of the materials.


Bin Shan, Paul Leu, K. J. Cho
Multi-Scale Simulation Laboratory, Stanford University

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  • Kyeongjae Cho (2015), "MSL Simulator," http://nanohub.org/resources/msl. (DOI: 10.4231/D3K06X08Q).

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