Multiscale Modeling of Graphene-Metal Contacts

By T. Cusati, Gianluca Fiori1, A. Fortunelli2, Giuseppe Iannaccone1

1. Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell’Informazione Università di Pisa, Pisa, Italy 2. CNR Institute for Chemical and Physical Processes, Pisa, Italy

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IWCE 2015 presentation.

The quality of contacts between metals and two- dimensional materials is a critical aspect for the performance of transistors based on two-dimensional materials. In this talk we focus on an approach to multiscale modeling of graphene- metal contacts, considering both chemisorbed and physisorbed materials. We show that it is possible to use density functional simulations of contacts to extract a set of physical properties that enable accurate device-level simulations at a higher level of abstraction. We also show that – properly evaluated - the intrinsic conductance of graphene- metal contacts is higher than that predicted in previous studies.

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  • Cusati, T., "Multiscale Modeling of Graphene-Metal Contacts," in Computational Electronics (IWCE) 2015 International Workshop on, DOI: Not available in IEEE Xplore digital library. Full Website Here

  • T. Cusati, Gianluca Fiori, A. Fortunelli, Giuseppe Iannaccone (2016), "Multiscale Modeling of Graphene-Metal Contacts,"

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