Phonon Interactions in Single-Dopant-Based Transistors: Temperature and Size Dependence

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IWCE 2015 presentation. in this work we investigate the dependence of electron-phonon scattering in single dopant-based nanowire transistor with respect to temperature and dimensions. we use a 3d real-space non-equilibrium green': ; s function (negf) approach where electron-phonon scattering is treated within the selfconsistent born approximation (scba) through self-energies. we also use an analytic model to extend the validity of the acoustic phonon self-energy at low temperatures. based on this model our simulations show the presence of a current hysteresis when reducing the temperature down to 150 k. the influence of channel length and nanowire cross-section on the dopant level contribution to the current is also discussed.

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  • Bescond, M. "Phonon interactions in single-dopant-based transistors: temperature and size dependence," in Computational Electronics (IWCE) 2015 International Workshop on, DOI: 10.1109/IWCE.2015.7301939

  • Marc Bescond; Nicolas Cavassilas; Salim Berrada (2015), "Phonon Interactions in Single-Dopant-Based Transistors: Temperature and Size Dependence,"

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