Memory-Efficient Particle Annihilation Algorithm for Wigner Monte Carlo Simulations

By Paul Ellinghaus

Institute for Microelectronics, TU Wien

Published on


IWCE 2015 presentation. The Wigner Monte Carlo solver, using the signed-particle method, is based on the generation and annihilation of numerical particles. The memory demands of the annihilation algorithm can become exorbitant, if a high spatial resolution is used, because the entire discretized phase space is represented in memory. Two alternative algorithms, which greatly reduce the memory requirements, are presented here.  


In collaboration with M. Nedjalkov and S. Selberherr.

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  • Ellinghaus, P, ": ; memory-efficient particle annihilation algorithm for wigner monte carlo : ; simulations," in Computational Electronics (IWCE) 2015 International Workshop on, DOI: 10.1109/IWCE.2015.7301955

  • Paul Ellinghaus (2016), "Memory-Efficient Particle Annihilation Algorithm for Wigner Monte Carlo Simulations,"

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