Light Matter Interfaces for NV Center in Diamond

By Alexey V Akimov

Physics & Astromony, Texas A&M University, College Station, TX

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The NV center in diamond is attracting a lot of attention within the quantum information processing community. As a spin system in a clean and well-controlled environment of the diamond lattice, it exhibits outstanding performance as a quantum memory, even at room temperature. It also allows spin control with single shot optical readout and a possibility to build quantum registers even based on a single NV center. At low temperatures, NV centers have narrow optical transitions which enable interfacing between optical photons and the NV center spin states. Recently, the entanglement of two independent NV centers has been demonstrated. This makes the NV center a promising candidate for the realization of quantum repeaters. Moreover, NV centers could be used as sensitive detectors of magnetic or electric field, temperature or rotation. For all of these applications the collection of the light emitted by an NV center is the crucial point. A number of approaches has been suggested to address this issue, proposing the use of surface plasmons, manufacturing structures in diamond, cavities, etc. At the same time, the recent fast development in the field of metamaterials opened a way to create structures out of hyperbolic metamaterial using CMOS compatible materials. Using these materials may open a way to create an efficient and industry friendly interface for NV centers and, in particular for single photon sources. In this work we present our efforts on using CMOS compatible hyperbolic metamaterials and optical fibers to construct efficient single photon sources and sensing elements using nitrogen vacancy center in diamond.

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