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In order to grasp many of the concepts associated with micro and nano-size devices, one needs to understand scale and the size of objects associated with different scales.  This learning module introduces various concepts associated with scale, and a comparison of the macro, micro, and nano-scales.  Activities provide the opportunity to further explore the macro, micro and nano scales and their associations with micro and nanotechnology. 

This learning module consists of the following.

  • Learning Module Map (outline for instructor)
  • Pre-test:  Knowledge Probe
  • Reading:  Comparison of Scale - Macro, Micro, Nano
  • Presentation:  Comparison of Scale - Macro, Micro, Nano
  • Presentation:  Introduction to Cut-To-Size Activity
  • Activity:  Cut-To-Size
  • Activity:  Scale of Biomolecules
  • Activity: Zoom In/Zoom Out
  • Assessment

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Student materials for this learning module are available here.